Sunset Over the Ocean Adults Art Class with Kit


Sunset Over the Ocean adult art class contains the art kit you will need to complete the artpiece. See description for what it includes.

This art class will be mailed to you and is made by using oil pastels, paint and watercolour on paper.  Some cutting and gluing will be required. One of the pictures shown has stitching but thats is optional.  It’s good to get you introduced to a variety of mixed media tools, materials and techniques using a fun subject!  Put your own unique expression on it, as in each of the students pictures attached. May be done as a group art class, send us an email and we can provide this for your requirements.


Sunset Over the Ocean Adult Art Class with Kit includes:


1 x 24 packet Mont Marte (MM) Oil Pastels

1 x Watercolour pencils

1 x yellow acrylic paint

1 x A3 watercolour paper

1 x MM A3 sketch paper

1 x Glue Stick (UHU)


1 x Scissors




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