Cute Quolls Children’s Art Class Digital Download


Our Cute Quolls Children’s Art Class Digital Download (DD) does NOT come with the materials and equipment you need to do the class. The list of what you will need is in the Description.

Quolls or native cats are a unique marsupial with four types in Australia. This children’s art class includes colouring a dark starry night sky, as quolls are mostly nocturnal, and then adding the Adult and Child quolls.  This class was inspired by the spotted-tailed quoll.

What you will receive with this class-

ArtWork Book – a digital downloadable, printable including artwork reference picture, access link to the real time, full length teacher and student practical Audio Visual art class via YouTube, list of materials and equipment, written instructions, template and further information.

This will be emailed to you
The Cute Quolls speed-art video clip may be seen here and Subscribe



This DD class does NOT come with any of the materials equipment you will need-


  • 1 x Mont Marte (MM) Oil Pastels 24 colours
  • 1 x MM Colour Pencil 24 colours
  • 1 x MM Gel Medium 75ml
  • 1 x Glue Stick (UHU)
  • 1 x Mini Silver Star Glitter
  • 1 x MM Sketch Pad A3 sheets of paper


  • 1x palette knife
  • 1x Scissors
This fun art class is also available here, as an class with the Art Kit supplied to you.


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