Children’s Art Course Digital Download (Series 1)


This Children’s Art Course Digital Download (DD) includes eight Series 1 art classes (listed below). It does NOT come with the Art Kit, to see what you require for materials and equipment see the list under Description.  Skills learnt include oil and soft pastels, brushmarkers, collage, gluing and pasting, composition, cutting and ripping, using mixed media and also the use of sealants amongst other things. It’s also fun and you will learn about Australian animals too.


8 Classes Included:

  • Bilby Under the Starry Night Sky
  • Wallabies with Grasslands
  • Sunset Over the Sea
  • Emu and Sunset Over the Plains of the Downs
  • Pandanus and Dolphins
  • Cassowary Crossing the Daintree River
  • Whales in the Ocean and
  • Gecko on a Leaf Under the Sun.

What you receive when you purchase the course –

  • 8 ArtWork Books for the 8 classes listed, including reference artwork picture, access links to the individual art classes (real-time, full-length audio visual teacher and student practical lesson) full list of materials and equipment, written instructions, templates and further information.
These will be emailed to you and are downloadable and printable.
To see our speed-art clips of the classes included in this course visit our YouTube Channel here


This Children’s Art Course Digital Download (DD) Series 1 does NOT include the materials and equipment to do the classes in the course.

The is what is required for the course:


  • 1x box of 24 Monte Marte (MM) oil pastels
  • 1x packet of 12 MM brushmarkers
  • 1x box of 12 MM soft pastels
  • 1 x MM A3 25 sheet sketch paper
  • 1 x pack coloured paper
  • 1 x UHU glue stick
  • 1 x pack diamantes
  • 1 x pack gold stars
  • 1 x MM gel medium gloss


  • 1 x scissors
  • 1 x palette knife

With full packs you will have enough for many project into the future.

The version of this course that does come with the Art Kit (materials and equipment) is available here



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