Cassowary Crossing the Daintree River Children’s Art Class with Kit


The Cassowary is an amazing Australian bird, it is the largest, aside from the emu. Its feathers are a beautifully iridescent colour and it has a horn or helmet on the top of its head. This childrens art class is suitable for ages 6 – 14 years and is a fun and expressive way to learn to colour with oil pastels and with marker pens and to use paper for collage.

What you get with this class:

  • Art Kit – with materials and or equipment to do the class
  • ArtWork Book printed including reference artwork picture, written instructions, access link to the YouTube Audio Visual teacher and student practical art class (full-length and realtime), list of materials and equipment, any templates and further information.



This class comes with the Art Kit and includes:

  • 1x Sheet A3 Paper
  • 1 x box of oil pastels (Mont Marte) 24 colours
  • 1 each of coloured paper A4 sheets green, blue, brown, black
  • 1x Scissors
  • 1x Glue Stick (UHU)



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