Creating and Art has many benefits . Positive self expression is a good thing and when we create from our own unique inner-creativity it helps makes us happy! Our Mixed Media Art classes for beginners mean no previous art experience is necessary. If you already possess some art skills you will also be able to use them. They key is to enjoy the process and not be overly focussed on what you produce. Our Mixed Media art classes

I love working in a mixed media format it provides for such freedom of creative expression it has a myriad of options to discover and include. It’s a form I use in my children’s art classes and they enjoy the freedom of picking the tools and materials to do their art with. I usually have a direction, a goal post to head toward with some instructional direction and ways they may use the tools and materials. Then they may use that framework to develop within through

Children’s process art is a good way to facilitate children’s art.  I like to provide quality materials and equipment within my classes with some rules and instruction and then let them have their creative free time, as I call it.  There is joy in such creative freedom.  To create art, and in this case children’s art without a specific set of instructions or direction fosters self-discovery and creative spirit. In the children’s art classes I teach, my motto is ‘run your own race’ and don’t look

Three Cats Design provides a framework for children to create within.  We provide artistic direction, materials, equipment and tutorials for them to produce their art.  We also like to encourage children with the own creative and artistic journey, to give them the space to create artistically in ways they desire. For example, if a child really wants to draw or paint a different subject and in a different way, we encourage this.  Art is about telling a story, and if we are able to do that

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Three Cats Design is an Australian nature specialist, offering a variety of children’s art classes, which can be purchased online.



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