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About Us

With home in mind

Three Cats Design is an Australian nature specialist.  Australian nature is our inspiration and our aim is to help you create your own unique, nature art.

What we offer in our classes

Kids Doing Art Classes

Process Art

Process Art includes the choices of the student in creating their own unique artwork. The process is important as is the outcome.

Kids Doing Art Classes

Mixed Media Art

Mixed media art uses different types of materials to create unique artworks. Various styles may be used.

Adult Classes

“I have attended numerous workshops held by Three Cats Design and find them thoroughly enjoyable. Keryn has a style of teaching that allows you to develop technical skills using quality materials, while maintaining a calm, creative and friendly environment. These workshops are a great opportunity to catch up with friends and share a coffee in a creative environment.”

Kel Harms

Group Class Feedback

“I had so much fun’ | ’So great to get clarity of thought’ | ’So good to make connections with others’ | ’So much fun’ | 'I had so much fun’ | ‘Just what I needed’ | ‘I am so glad you ran this art class’ | ‘Very interactive class, great fun. Really enjoyed this class. Thank you’ | ‘Best art class I’ve ever been to’

Group Class

Engaging Art Activities

Three Cats Designs provides a wide range of interesting and engaging art activities using a variety of different mediums. Keryn does a wonderful job at fostering creativity and encouraging children to ‘have a go’ in a relaxed, safe and supportive learning environment. My daughter, Tilly, absolutely loves these classes and I would highly recommend them to any family.’

Katie Wells

Creative with New Skills

Keeley said she loves that your art classes because they allow her to be creative. It’s a great way to introduce her to new skills in a fun way. She really enjoys it and she’s super proud of the artwork that she’s made.

Nicole Fowler

Highly Recommended

I would highly recommend Keryn and her Art Classes. My 5 year old and 7 year old attend every week. They come home with some intricate creations!! The classes have really encouraged their love for art. I can’t thank Keryn enough.

Alese Woods

More about Three Cats Design

Three Cats Design creates unique nature inspired art classes for children and adults.  Our classes come from our own unique nature and art experiences.


Each class is created about unique Australian wildlife and ecosystems.  We use a mix of different mediums and styles though our mixed media choice driven art.  We aim for you to have fun while you are creating and learn a little about wildlife along the way.

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Three Cats Design is an Australian nature specialist, offering a variety of children’s art classes, which can be purchased online.



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