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Mixed Media classes for Creativity, Fun & Artistic Expresion

Creating and Art has many benefits . Positive self expression is a good thing and when we create from our own unique inner-creativity it helps makes us happy! Our Mixed Media Art classes for beginners mean no previous art experience is necessary. If you already possess some art skills you will also be able to use them. They key is to enjoy the process and not be overly focussed on what you produce.

Our Mixed Media art classes provide an art and creative framework. Good for beginners if you are unsure how or where to start to create art. Our classes have full, low key, low stress step-by-step instructions. They encourage you to let yourself create and to learn your unique creative voice. Each person’s art is an individual outcome and we encourage each of our students to enjoy the process! You will also learn many new creative and artistic skills.

Self Expression Through Mixed Media

Our classes encourage individual creative self expression through giving each student the opportunity to create and express from their own experiences. By drawing from these experience and expressing them creatively, the artwork becomes individual and speaks their unique voice. This gives it power. Our classes, being nature based are relatable and foster students own experiences with the natural world to be expressed artistically. Creating in this way brings personal satisfaction and joy to their artistic journey it becomes meaningful.

Start Your Mixed Media Art Journey

Art and creativity may be desired by many prospective students who simply do not know here or how to begin. Our step by step art classes will help you begin, and remember there is no right or wrong, there’s plenty of room to develop and refine techniques later. So, begin your unique art journey with our art classes and when you do start, do not be too critical and let it grow with encouragement, support and joy and you’ll surprise yourself.

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