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Children’s Art as Process Art

Children’s process art is a good way to facilitate children’s art.  I like to provide quality materials and equipment within my classes with some rules and instruction and then let them have their creative free time, as I call it.  There is joy in such creative freedom. 

To create art, and in this case children’s art without a specific set of instructions or direction fosters self-discovery and creative spirit.

In the children’s art classes I teach, my motto is ‘run your own race’ and don’t look at someone else’s work and then rate your own, it will thwart your burgeoning artistic desire and talent.  

Process art, especially at a young age, encourages creative freedom and process art also fosters self-expression, yielding many amazing and beautiful discoveries.  Being bold, being brave and courageous in art to show up and to create from the heart and soul brings joy and process art is a great balancer in my classes that are a blend of product and process art, the two go together well. 

So, let go a little, pick up a pen and paper and start to draw, to doodle you will begin a new and amazing adventure of learning about yourself as an artist.

K.L. Hyslop Nov 20

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