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Children’s Art and Mixed Media

I love working in a mixed media format it provides for such freedom of creative expression it has a myriad of options to discover and include.

It’s a form I use in my children’s art classes and they enjoy the freedom of picking the tools and materials to do their art with. I usually have a direction, a goal post to head toward with some instructional direction and ways they may use the tools and materials. Then they may use that framework to develop within through their own choices.

It’s a simple format and it works. There are many forms of mixed media and for me it’s about being able to use a variety of mediums in the one art-piece.

To create, to see, to learn the balance and how they all go together, fit together as in a puzzle. It’s play and it’s fun.

I find bringing in textural layers through children’s mixed media keeps them interested and engaged. It’s intricate enough with lots of cutting and pasting for those who like the detail and also simple enough for those who don’t. I also encourage and show children’s art class students how to rip! (see art classes Sunset over the Sea and Cassowary Swimming Over the Daintree River) yes ripping is an art, and as one child in our children’s art classes said, ‘It’s strangely satisfying.’

Sometimes children’s mixed media art takes a while to complete, paint needs to dry, layers need to be added and maybe even a sealer over the top. So, in my children art classes, I will run the art class over two sessions, so the children’s art isn’t rushed. They may take their time and grow into it as it comes to completion.

Creative Free Time is often included in my children’s art classes and this is a way for them to put into practise, to try out, what they have learnt, through a class we have done. The result is always surprising and delightful.

Happy creating!

Ms Keryn

Three Cats Design

Creative Director and Owner / Operator

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