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Children’s art and creating freely

Three Cats Design provides a framework for children to create within.  We provide artistic direction, materials, equipment and tutorials for them to produce their art.  We also like to encourage children with the own creative and artistic journey, to give them the space to create artistically in ways they desire.

For example, if a child really wants to draw or paint a different subject and in a different way, we encourage this. 

Art is about telling a story, and if we are able to do that in our very own and unique way, specific and particular to ourselves, and share that, then that is a great outcome.

Children’s art is about self expression and it’s also about learning technique. It’s a balance and very much so for each individual child. We show children the ways to use the materials and equipment and we also encourage experimentation and trying things out. It is important in our children’s art classes to not be too concerned with technique and getting it right. It’s important to let children express themselves and you may just find something quite extraordinary reveals itself.

I am always amazed to see the wonderful and very creative children’s art in my classes, it’s a true joy.

K.L. Hyslop Nov 20

Three Cats Design

Creative Director and Owner / Operator

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